• Customer Acquisition Platform
  • Track your advertising leads all the way to sale. Improve lead quality, accelerate sales and measure exact ROI all in realtime.
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How Convertr Works

Your customer acquisition or lead campaign delivered in realtime. Award winning technology from Convertr.

Media Management

Plug In Your Advertising

Plug in or upload your existing media (email, display, social, search, programmatic) and canvas Convertr’s own publisher network to distribute all your media with automated tracking.

Customer Acquisition
Data Capture

Easily Build Forms & Capture Data

Choose form templates, create your own custom data capture form or plug in your existing forms.

Forms & Landing Pages
Lead Scoring

Realtime Lead Verification & Custom Validation

Improve key data before it even enters your systems. Create custom validation so that your specific data needs are matched by your marketing activity results.

Lead Validation
Lead Enrichment

Realtime Lead Enrichment

Enrich your prospect data from hundreds of data sources worldwide, giving you the ability to generate richer, deeper customer profiles all in realtime.

Lead Enrichment
Lead Routing

Automated Lead Routing

Route leads in realtime to your CRM, sales teams, marketing automation or call centre and create multiple custom rules on how and where leads are routed.

Microsoft Dynamics
Lead Routing
Closed Loop ROI

Closed Loop ROI

Track performance data, lead conversion data and ROI based on sales value delivered, all in realtime.

Closed Loop ROI

Why Convertr

Discover the benefits of the Convertr platform, whether you’re a B2B Advertiser, B2C Advertiser, Publisher or Agency, we can improve your data and increase your sales.

Improve Your Data

Our validation, enrichment, scoring and integration with CRM platforms enabling you to get the best leads to sales quickly.

Customer Acquisition

Accelerate Sales

The realtime customised features allow you to automatically route leads to your sales people and convert business faster.

Lead Management

ROI In Realtime

Track activity to the point of sale and monitor customer lifetime value giving ROI based on actual customer value to the business.

Closed Loop ROI

Customers & Partners  

We work with some of the biggest brands, agencies and publishers in both consumer and B2B markets.

Who For

Choose the product that’s best for you. Convertr will bring clarity to your multi-channel marketing campaigns.


Drive multi-channel acquisition campaigns with improved customer data that accelerate sales and show realtime ROI.

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Dramatically improve audience profiles. Create accurate, enhanced customer data which increases sales revenues from your campaigns.

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Automate multiple client acquisition campaigns, reduce account team workloads and deliver identifiable success to clients.

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Convertr integrates with leading marketing technology solutions. Our platform enables marketers, agencies and publishers to connect Convertr with CRMs, Marketing Automation and Programmatic advertising platforms.